2019 NFL QB Awards, Week 1

With the first week of the 100th NFL season in the books, we take a look at QBs performances to see who excelled and who busted. So without any further ado here the nflnews.co QB award list for week 1:

Hottest Hand Award: Andy Dalton

It was impossible to imagine the Bangles QB to start the season as hot as he did, throwing the ball for a rocking 51 times. While technically rookie Kyle Murry threw the ball more (54 attempts), Dalton shocking 418 passing yards (along with 35 completions) led the league in week 1. While this kind of performances might not come regularly, this was a phenomenal start for the veteran QB who was written off by everyone before the season.

Bomb Dropping Award: Lamar Jackson

The longest throw of week 1 was a spectacular 83 yards pass by Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. To put the icing on the cake, this dime went on for an 83 yards TD by WR Marquise Brown.

I Need An Ice-Pack Award: Deshaun Watson

Watson wins this week “I Need An Ice-Pack” award after getting sacked 6 times in the opener against the New Orleans Saints. Despite the late addition of OL Tunsil, the Houston Texans OL looked like a mess this past week, giving up 6 sacks in a single game.

TD Machine Award: Lamar Jackson

Lamar had a spectacular opening week, which silenced a lot of his critics. While winning the “Bomb Dropping” award is already impressive, the fact that he threw 5 TDs in 3 quarters is even more so. The young QB definitely owned week 1 of the NFL.

Better Luck Next Week Award: Baker Mayfield

Week 1 was an absolute mess for the Browns, who set a franchise record for numbers of offensive penalties in a game (north of 15). While lots can be said about the team in general, it all starts with QB Baler Mayfield who threw 3 interceptions and led the league in failed 3rd-down conversions. When you have as many offensive weapons has Baker has, the expectations are always high. As the award says, better luck next week kid.


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