2019 NFL QB Awards, Week 4

Welcome to our week 4 edition of QB awards. Pietro is away so I’ll be filling in to hand out imaginary trophies to the NFL’s passers.

What an amazing game we had when the Buccaneers beat the Rams. They combined for 982 yards and both QB’s were steller. More importantly Goff and Winston walk away this week with some of our prestigious QB awards!

Hottest Hand Award: Jared Goff

Goff threw the ball 68 times Sunday for 45 completions and 517 yards for 2 TD’s. FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN YARDS! This was by far the best game Goff has had all year and it was a thing of beauty. He more than earned his big game check this week.

Bomb Dropping Award: Jameis Winston

Winston won his dual with Goff and had the best bomb to Mike Evans for a 67 yard touchdown. This was Winston’s longest ever touchdown pass.

I Need An Ice-Pack Award: Andy Dalton

It should be I need to spend the next week in an ice bath award… Andy Dalton was sacked 8, yes 8 times Monday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dalton was running for his life, lost a fumble and threw a pick.

TD Machine Award: Jameis Winston

He not only won against the Rams but he picks up more of our awards this week than Goff. That’s a big plus right??? His 4 touchdowns this week earns him the TD Machine trophy.

Better Luck Next Week Award: Andy Dalton

8 sacks!!! Seriously!!! The Bengals offensive line is bad but I wonder if Dalton did something to tick them off? I can guarantee Dalton will have better luck next week. I mean it can’t get any worse than this week right?


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