Colts Knew Nothing About Luck’s Retirement; Won’t Go After Money


The Colts will not try to recoup any money from former franchise quarterback Andrew Luck after he abruptly retired on Saturday, per Adam Schefter.

The team could have recouped $24.8 million but a financial settlement was reached last week, according to Schefter.

Luck, 29, could have owed $12.8 million, a prorated portion of his signing bonus and a $12 million roster bonus this year. Other star players that retired while under contract included Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, who were forced to pay back their money.

Luck did have leverage as he could have told the team he wasn’t ready to play and spent the year on injured reserve, which would have allowed him to collect his full salary this year without playing.

Regarding Luck’s shocking retirement, the Colts contend they knew nothing about it until last week, according to ProFootballTalk.

By all accounts, Luck was both mentally and physically exhausted and was ready to walk away. The lack of progress on his injured ankle reminded him too much of playing through pain in 2016, something he vowed he would not do again.