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  • XFL Officially Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    XFL Officially Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    It’s now official that Vince McMahon has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection (Restructuring Bankruptcy) . This move doesn’t officially announce the end of the XFL, but rather allows them to renegotiate through Bankruptcy Court with their creditors to reduce costs. The following was released by an unnamed League Spokesperson: “The XFL quickly captured the…

  • XFL Week 5 Attendance

    XFL Week 5 Attendance

    Here are the numbers for week 5 of XFL attendance: City            Attendance Houston – 19,773 Dallas     – 15,950 D.C.         – 16,342 L.A.         – 12,181 Total – 64,246 While these numbers are the worst of the season so far, they are still fairly positive.…

  • XFL Week 4 Ratings

    XFL Week 4 Ratings

    Here are the viewership numbers for XFL week 4: Saturday 2/29 Wildcats @ Guardians (ABC) – 1.558 million Dragons @ BattleHawks (FOX) – 1.802 million Sunday 3/1 Roughnecks @ Renegades (FS1) – 1.113 million Defenders @ Vipers (ESPN2) – 1.030 million Average: 1.4 million While numbers are down, they are still consistent top 5 on…

  • BattleHawks to Open Upper Deck

    BattleHawks to Open Upper Deck

    Due to significant ticket demand and following 2 sellouts, St. Louis BattleHawks of the XFL will be putting their upper deck on sale beginning this Friday at 10am local time: 🗣️ ST. LOUIS … you made yourselves heard! We are OFFICIALLY opening up seats in the upper deck of The Dome for our week 7…

  • XFL Week 4 Attendance

    XFL Week 4 Attendance

    The following are the attendance numbers from week 4 of the XFL: City                  Attendance (Capacity) Dallas              – 18,332 (Approx 19,000) New York        – 12,116 (28,000) St. Louis          – 27,527 (28,000) Tampa Bay     …

  • XFL Week 4 Odds

    XFL Week 4 Odds

    The following are the opening odds for week 4 of XFL per DraftKings: LA @ NY: LA (-7); O/U (38.5) Seattle @ St. Louis: St. Louis (-12.5); O/U (38) Houston @ Dallas: Houston (-2.5); O/U (50.5) DC @ Tampa Bay: DC (-3); O/U (44.5) WrestlePages does not condone or support sports betting. This is being…

  • Complete Week 3 XFL Ratings

    Complete Week 3 XFL Ratings

    Sorry for the delay, but here are your results of week 3’s final ratings: Dallas at Seattle (FOX): 2.05 million Houston at Tampa Bay (ABC): 1.91 million New York at St. Louis (ESPN): 1.47 million D.C. at L.A. (FS1): 1.0 million Average: 1.61 million While these numbers are lower than the first 2 weeks, the…

  • Viewership Info For Week 3 XFL ABC And ESPN Games

    Viewership Info For Week 3 XFL ABC And ESPN Games

    The Houston Roughnecks against the Tampa Bay Vipers averaged 1.914 million viewers on ABC on Saturday. On Sunday, an average of 1.473 million viewers Watched the St. Louis BattleHawks beat New York Guardians on ESPN. The XFL continues to post solid viewership, with impressive attendance through the first three weeks.

  • XFL Week 3 Attendance

    XFL Week 3 Attendance

    We are now through 3 full weeks of the XFL schedule and it shows no signs of slowing down in terms of attendance! In fact, week 3 posted the highest so far. Here are the numbers: City                  Attendance (Capacity) Tampa Bay   – 18,117 (65,890) Seattle     …

  • XFL Week 2 Ratings Results

    XFL Week 2 Ratings Results

    The week 2 ratings are in for the XFL, and naturally, we saw a dip: Saturday: NY/DC (ABC) – 2.146 million Tampa Bay/Seattle (FOX) – 2.342 million Sunday: Dallas/LA (ABC) – 2.397 million St. Loius/Houston (FS1) – 1.359 million Average – 2.061 million While these may seem like a worrying result compared to week 1…