Cowboys Offer Ezekiel Elliott New Extension “Close To Todd Gurley Range”

The Dallas Cowboys have offered holdout running back Ezekiel Elliott another contract extension that would put his new annual salary “close to the Todd Gurley range,” according to Mike Fisher and Jonathon Shipman.

As of July, the Cowboys were willing to pay Elliott more than Jets’ Le’Veon Bell ($13 mil APY) but less than the Rams’ Gurley ($14 mil APY).

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones is on record as to saying the team has been “very generous” in talks with their star running back but has also downplayed reports a deal is imminent.

Elliott, 24, recently told Maxim magazine that he wants to be a “Cowboy for life.” However, he also wants more than just “close” to Gurley’s APY. Elliott reportedly wants more than $60 million total and more than $45 million guaranteed.

105.3 The Fan reports Dallas has less of a problem with the guaranteed money and more of a problem with the total value of the contract.

Elliott remains training in Cabo while the clock is ticking on the Cowboys opening their season at home against the New York Giants on September 8.


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