Full Details On Colin Kaepernick’s Workout To Return To NFL

More details are now available for Colin Kaepernick‘s workout on Saturday in Atlanta, GA.

The workout begins at 3 PM and all 32 NFL teams are invited. An interview will take place at 3:15 PM and will be followed by measurements, stretching and warmups. He’ll do timing and testing at 3:50 PM and QB drills at 4:15 PM. All parts will be recorded and made available to teams.

Kaepernick wrote the following on Twitter about it:

The Dolphins and Broncos will have executives at the workout and the Cowboys are also expected to attend. However, a number of teams have already contacted Kaepernick’s representatives to apologize for not being able to attend.

The workout is being held by the NFL and informed Kaepernick of it. He didn’t even know about it until contacted. The NFL would not budge on time, date or format.

It could be the NFL scheduled it in response to teams that have inquired about Kaepernick’s status, although high level executives are not expected to attend because of the date.

We first wrote about the workout here on NFLNews.co.

Source: Ian Rapoport


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