QB Tom Brady On Late Scores In Blowout Game Vs Miami

Tom Brady was interviewed this morning on the Greg Hill Show on WEEI Radio, where he voiced his opinion on the critics he received yesterday for scoring late in a game that was already a blowout.

Here what the GOAT had to say:

No, We talked about 60 minutes of football because the history down there and last year, as we said, it took all 60 minutes and we didn’t close it out. I think we talked all week about it being a 60-minute game. So, that was just a good way to finish. We scored on offense, got an interception on defense. And all this, early in the year, we’re trying to improve. We’re trying to, I wouldn’t say we’re in midseason form. We still have a lot of work to improve so the more reps we get, the better it is for all us. We have a lot of football to go. So, this is the early stages of the season. We’re out there to play football. That’s what my job is and I’m going to go out there and try to do it.

We’re trying to improve and I wouldn’t say everything was perfect yesterday. We could be certainly a lot better in a lot of areas on offense. Our defense, again, is playing great. They are giving us a lot of opportunities. I mean they had four interceptions yesterday. That’s incredible. We got great field position. We still have some more opportunity in the red area we didn’t take advantage of. Like I said, our job is to go out there and play football and score points. It’s not to do anything less than moving the ball down the field. They don’t put us out there to run three plays and punt. We’re supposed to go down there and make things happen. Again, it feels good to finish the game the way we did just because you want to see how you are at the end. There are going to be plenty of critical times at the end of these games coming up where we are going to need to be at our best at the end. That’s just good conditioning and good training for us. That’s what our job is“.


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