XFL Week 3 Attendance

We are now through 3 full weeks of the XFL schedule and it shows no signs of slowing down in terms of attendance! In fact, week 3 posted the highest so far. Here are the numbers:

City                  Attendance (Capacity)
Tampa Bay   – 18,117 (65,890)
Seattle          – 22,060 (30,000)
St. Louis       – 29,554 (28,000)
Los Angeles – 12,211 (27,000)

Total: 81,942

This has to have Vince McMahon thrilled as it’s showing that there is sustainability in the product this time around. While this is lower than the XFL total thus far in 2001, the stadiums being used are smaller. However, the original incarnation saw attendance decline as the season progressed, not increase. Here is the historical numbers for 2020:

Week 1: 69,818
Week 2: 76,285
Week 3: 81,942

Another successful note is that Seattle has sold approximately 17,000 season tickets, while St. Louis has sold close to 20,000. The numbers are based on announced attendance at the games.


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