Detailed Update On Trent Williams’ Health/Holdout


Superstar LT Trent Williams reported to the Washington Redskins yesterday and it looked like his holdout ended. Not so fast.

Today Williams was not on the practice field due to a failed physical. The reason for the failed physical is he is experiencing pain when wearing his helmet.

It is not standard practice for head pain to be a part of a teams physical. The reason it is a part of Williams’ is because of the surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his head.

If we look back to the discovery of Williams tumor, it will help explain the complexity of the situation.

Williams originally became upset with his team and their medical staff when he found out about the growth. He considers this a major health scare, one that the teams medical staff should have found much earlier.

Williams has been holding out thus far. Money is a part of Williams’ holdout but to a lesser factor. With one more year on his contract he wants a long term deal with a team he feels he can trust has his best interests at heart. There are reports that Williams will not play again for the Redskins because they lost this trust.

It is not known whether Williams is actually experiencing pain and discomfort with his helmet on. Before the trade deadline Williams was working out on his own and was said to be ready for a return.

It is quite possible if not most likely that Williams is okay. The Redskins have 2 weeks to find a helmet that Williams is comfortable wearing. After that he can either choose to play with the pain (not likely) or Washington can put him on the NFI. Once on the NFI the Redskins can opt to not pay him.

Either way Williams’ contract is over at the end of the year and he will be free to sign with another team. It is rather unbelievable Washington couldn’t deal Williams before yesterday’s trade deadline. They stubbornly held tight and will lose Williams without getting extra compensation from another team.

Source: Ian Rapoport