NFLPA Wins Grievance Against Jaguars, Bizarre Details Revealed

On Monday, the NFL Players Association won a grievance against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Below is the complete statement:

To summarize, the NFLPA states the Jags, under the leadership of Tom Coughlin, have required their players to get all offseason medical treatment at the team facility. When they have failed to do so, they have been disciplined by the club.

Dante Fowler, Jr, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams, was fined 25 times for a total of $700,000 for missing offseason appointments at Jacksonville headquarters. All of the fines have now been rescinded.

An arbitrator found teams cannot make offseason activities of any kind mandatory. The statement revealed 25% of grievances filed by NFL players have been filed against the Jaguars.

As we reported here on, Tom Coughlin was dismissed from his job with the Jaguars on Wednesday.


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