Saints DE Carl Granderson Out Of Jail And Back With Team

Saints rookie defensive end Carl Granderson is out of jail and back with the team after receiving a two-week roster exemption, reports Herbie Teope.

In July, a judge in Wyoming rejected a plea agreement in a sexual battery case involving Granderson and sentenced him to serve six-months in jail. The original plea was for him to serve one-year probation. After serving 43 days, another judge released Granderson and sentenced him to supervised probation.

“I’m thankful for my opportunity,” said Granderson. “I’m just thankful for a second chance to get back out there and work as hard as I can to be on the team.”

The Saints have to make a decision on Granderson in two weeks. He’s currently allowed to attend meetings and practice during that time. Granderson hasn’t done anything related to football since the end of June’s mandatory minicamp, when was preparing for his July court appearance.



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