Trent Williams Tumor Was Cancerous

Trent Williams spoke this morning and shed more light onto why he is upset with the Redskins and their medical staff.

Before now it was believed Williams’ tumor was not very dangerous. It in fact was cancerous, Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans to be precise.

Williams told reporters that team’s medical staff were aware of the tumor 6 years ago. They told him it was a “minor condition” and Williams did what most players would have done, trusted his team doctors.

The tumor continued to grow in size since Williams discovered it. Earlier this year he realized he needed a second opinion. This opinion was the accurate one, the one that told him he had cancer.

Williams is signed through next season but understandably will never play for the Redskins again. He has no trust in his team and will likely be traded in the offseason to a team that will give him a new contract with guaranteed money.

Source: ProFootball Talk


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