XFL’s Week 1 Mistake, Early Look At Ratings, Ticket Revenue vs. AAF

Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell spent a majority of his weekend covering the XFL, highlighting a number of things the upstart league did right. Below is a recap:

– Rovell tweeted the only mistake XFL made in Week 1 was putting the New York Guardians in MetLife Stadium instead of Red Bull Arena in Harrison. The crowd filled only 22% of the seats at MetLife but would have filled 72% at Red Bull. As we noted earlier, that game did 17,634 fans.

– Rovell reported on day one of the XFL season, before kickoff happened, the league surpassed the entire season of the AAF in ticket sales revenue.

– The game between the Seattle Dragons and DC Defenders, which saw the Defenders win 31-19, did 3.3 million viewers on ABC. Rovell compares that to what the AAF did in their first game last year on CBS, which drew 2.9 million viewers.

Below are some of his other tweets:


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