Colin Kaepernick After Workout: “Tell Your Owners To Stop Being Scared”

Photo credit: Jourdan Rodrigue on Twitter

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick worked out in front of scouts for the Redkins, Jets, Chiefs and Eagles on Saturday at a high school in Atlanta, GA on Saturday.

The session, originally scheduled to be an NFL sponsored workout, was moved in the hours leading up to the event. Adam Schefter tweeted the following:

“NFL declined to allow media and cameras into Colin Kaepernick’s workout as he had requested for transparency, per source. Workout now will be moved to alternative location in Atlanta this afternoon that will be open to the media and all NFL representative as allowed under rules.”

The NFL later issued a statement, claiming Kaepernick didn’t show up:

At this point it’s unknown if the work he did was strictly on his own or part of the original scheduled session. The workout lasted about 90 minutes and was broadcast live. Colin wore a shirt that said “KUNTA KINTE.” Eric Reid was in attendance but Hue Jackson was not.

After the workout, Kaepernick told scouts from the Redskins, Jets and Chiefs the following:

“When you go back, tell your owners to stop being scared.”

We’ve included a photo embedded above.

Sources: Jourdan Rodrigue, TMZ