Myles Garrett Suspended Rest Of Season & Postseason


The NFL has seen many dirty plays over the year but Myles Garrett reached a new low last night. In the TNF game against the Steelers, Garrett took off QB Mason Rudolph’s helmet and then hit him in the head with it.

You don’t take off another players helmet and hit him with it… Even Garrett’s own QB, Baker Mayfield, talked about how unacceptable the the defensive end’s actions were during his post game interview.

The NFL was swift in handing down Garrett’s punishment. Garrett is suspended indefinitely. He will not be able to play in another game this year. Should the Browns make the playoffs, he will miss those games too.

For Garrett to be able to play football again he will need to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell first. Goodell hasn’t stated publicly what will need to take place before or in that meeting for reinstatement.

Here is Garrett’s statement regarding his actions:

Garrett’s teammate Larry Ogunjobi has also been suspended one game for shoving an opposing player to the ground during the skirmish.

Steelers QB Mason Rudolph has been fined for his part in the debacle. Rudolph’s reps said he may explore legal ramifications against Garrett which he will not pursue.

Pittsburgh’s center, Maurkice Pouncey, was suspended for three games for punching and knee kicking Garrett after  the “helmet hit”.

These two teams will face each other one more time on 12/1. No word if the NFL will implement flag or touch football rules for a classier rematch…

Source: Ian Rapoport